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Ricky Edwards Composer - Sanctuary

St David's Cathedral presents


The first foundation stone of Hobart's St David's Cathedral was laid two hundred years ago. To commemorate this auspicious event, celebrated film composer and orchestrator Ricky Edwards has written a breathtaking hymn for an augmented Cathedral Choir.

Two centuries of noble history deserves a rich tribute. Edwards' composition embraces the musical elements that have a place in that history: affiliated choirs, boy soprano and baritone soloists, organ bells and percussion.

Also featuring is Puccini's spectacular Sanctus e Benedictus for baritone and choir and Mystical Songs by Vaughan Williams for solo baritone and organ.

Honouring two hundred years of living faith, profound hope, love and sanctuary.

COMPOSER : Ricky Edwards

St. David's Cathedral


Sat 25th March 2017, 8pm


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